Tuesday, November 1, 2016

I'm back, again

It's been three years since I posted. I always think of posting at this time of year bc there is that contest or challenge November of every yr to post the entire month. Well I haven't signed up for the challenge, but I do feel like posting.

The elections are a week away and I am not crazy about either candidate. I guess I dislike hillary more than I dislike trump, but I am unsure if I even want to vote for him.

He seems childish to me. She seems sleazy to me. What's a mother to do? (Sigh)

Eight years ago I was walking around with Hilary's pin, so happy that a woman was in the running.
Now that there have been so many issues surrounding her, my opinion has taken a 180 degree turn.

I was more strongly supporting trump prior to the debates. I saw the entire first debate, a small part of the second and none of the third. I thought trumps performance in the first was a disaster. I feel he was so unprofessional.  And who can believe a word out of her mouth. Did you know that she was thrown off of a watergate committee (Ala Nixon) for lying?

I had a very good friend who died awhile back. He admired trump, and read trumps book. However, I doubt very much if he would have voted for him, bc my friend was an ultra liberal.

I am basically a two issue person. Israel and lgbtq rights. So this is a quandary.  I feel trump is more supportive of Israel than Clinton. (I have a hard time calling hillary clinton bc that makes me think of her husband, but I shall try.).  But she is more supportive of lgbtq rights. Once again, what's a mother to do?

I will sign off now.  I need to catch some zzzzzzzs.  Good night.

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