Wednesday, November 2, 2016

I Love the walking dead

I love the walking dead. I hate zombies.  That's a contradiction, right?
I did not want to watch this show. I was dragged kicking and screaming, so to speak, by my daughter, to watch this show.

"Oh Mommy, this show is really good."
Oh, mommy, you will really like it."

"Oh baby, leave me the fuck alone."
Ok, so I didn't make that last statement.
I do curse, but not in that manner.

So one day, while she was watching, I joined her.

It was at the time when the governor had lost his first battle with Rick, etal.
I found the actor who played the governor attractive. Not only physically, but I also found his
Character  appealing.  I was unaware of how he was prior to that.  I didn't know cruel and crazy he was, at that point. So I got involved.  Oh, boy did I ever. I am now so crazy about the show, I really miss it during the six-month or so hiatus.  I watch fear the walking dead during that time, but I'm not that invested in the characters yet, so it doesn't really fill the void.

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