Wednesday, November 6, 2013


i bit my nails when i was younger.

it was such a strong habit that even when my mom put some kind of polish that had a bad taste and thats purpose was to dissuade one from biting, well, uh, i still bit.  i contd to bite into adulthood, until i started having dental problems and could no longer bite things as hard as nails. so i started picking them.  both the nails and the skin around the nail.  sometimes i drew blood. i hate to admit it, but i really enjoyed picking both the nails and the skin. i would pick on the way home on the subway. and i couldnt stop.  i would sit there trying, but, without realizing it, i would find my nails on one hand picking and pulling the nails and skin on the other hand.  i have occasionally somehow managed to stop for short periods, only to start up again. i thought i would never stop again.

and then, somehow i did.

i have ten fingers. and therefore ten nails.  right now i have six long nails and four short ones. but i dont pick on any of them.  the short ones resulted when the long nails broke. three of those four are on my right hand, the one i use the most.

i even bought this kit with nail patterns that could be glued on your nails. none of them lasted more than two days, but they sure looked purty while they did.


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