Tuesday, November 15, 2011


i supervise.  and i hate it. just give me work to do.  and i will do it.  and might i say i will do it quite well.  and get a great sense of achievement out of it.  but i supervise.  oh, i do have work to do.  and i do get a sense of achievement of it.  however, i supervise.  oh, did i say that.  and i supervise whats considered the easiest unit where i work.  we have a lot of work, mind you,  but we have fewer problems with our work.  i was put in charge of the unit because i was very new, and because, as i think ive indicated in a prior post: http://www.blogger.com/posts.g?blogID=1938034198003885323&searchType=ALL&page=1, im considered less than intelligent at work.  now, things are a little better are work now than they were when i wrote that post.  and im so glad i just read that post, because i can see that things have improved somewhat.  i think ive earned a bit of respect from some of my staff.  and i think ive shown that i have some knowledge.  and i believe my supervisor's opinion of me has improved also.  he even offered me a more demanding unit. 

ok, back to my unit.  since its considerate the easiest unit, of course the employees with the least abilities are assigned there.  oy.  god help me.  have i got a bunch.  dont get me wrong.  theyre capable.  some of them just dont like to work.  and one of them likes to sleep.  on the job.  youve got that right.  he sleeps. he really sleeps.  and when its brought to his attention, he either says he wasnt sleeping or he says, so what, stop bringing to his attention this ridiculous matter.  well, he was found sleeping by the wrong person last week.  a top person.  a person high on the company hierarchy.  and i was told to awaken the employee. and i did.  i mentioned the person who brought this to my attention and he said, "i dont care who saw."  well, he should have.  today, once again.  i found him sleeping.  i alerted him. and thought that was that.  no it wasnt. about an hour later, he was sleeping again.  but this time i couldnt awaken him.  so we called an ambulance.  i dont know what condition hes in right now.  but when he left he was on the stretcher, asleep. 

perhaps you think im being a bit uncompassionate.  well, put yourself in my shoes.  this man has caused me much aggravation.  in addition to sleeping at his desk (often) (and not thinking hes doing anything wrong), he has poor attendance.  ive had to counsel him several times.   he does some of his work, but the work he doesnt results in more work for me. and more aggravation.  and frankly, i have a slight suspicion he may be faking these episodes.  i mean like the one today which i dont think i mentioned, and which i will have to elaborate on later.  need to take a nap.

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