Monday, November 14, 2011


ok, let me continue.  now where was i?  oh, yeah.
saturday.  so we drove. dh in the car we wanted to sell.  i, in the other car.  like i said yesterday, i hate to drive.  but here i was.  now what doesnt a wife do to help hubby.  well, then again, im not that goodnatured with him.  no, no, no.  im not gonna go off on a tangent again like yesterday.  i dont like diriving and i especially dont like trying to follow someone.  and there i was, following dh.  firstly, he usually drives faster than i.  (i was not aware that he was gonna drive more slowly because the old car wasnt working that well-thats right, the one we wanted to sell.  however, with old cars, theyre usually not expected to be in the best of condition.  THEY'RE OLD!!!!)  so i have difficulty keeping up.  and dh drove in the right lane.  i hate that lane.  the slow drivers are there (yes, i know im contradicting myself, but when the traffic is moving on a highway, i tend to keep up with the traffic.)  and on the right lane, you often have to slow up because of the incoming traffic.  i really hate that.  and i find it really hard to follow someone.  i have to keep my eye on him-like its not difficult enough keeping my eye on everything else on the road.  and then cars come between the other car and me.  and then we have to try to get near each other again.  and i didnt know the directions, so i was terrified i was gonna lose him.  and, no, cell phone doesn't resolve the problem, because we only had one cell phone between us, but it was a good suggestion. 

so the first half of the drive was very stressful.  till i motioned dh to the side, and yelled at him about all of the above.  (im really not good at expressing my feelings.)  and he yelled back, till i asked him not to yell at me.  (yes, i know i started it. -so what?)  and then he said he would drive in the middle lane (my favorite lane) and he wrote the directions out for me.  and he wisely stayed ahead of me, in the middle lane, and when another car came between us, he slowed down till the car moved to another lane.  so we had this car following car business down pat.  it was almost pleasant, because i had the radio on, and music makes me happy.  then, when we were almost there, very close, had just passed a toll, and he was waiting a bit ahead of me, as he had done with all the tolls. then i looked, and he was more than a bit ahead of me, but i could still see him.  and then as i approached him.......he disappeared.  

but i didnt panic, because i had the directions now and i had the telephone (i couldnt call him of course, but i could call the person we were going to sell the car to.)  so i felt ok.  i saw the road we needed.  it was south.  dh's direction didnt indicate north or south, but since we had been going southwest all along, i figured south was the best bet.  i was concerned that dh was waiting somewhere else for me, thinking that he lost me.  so after driving about fifteen minutes, i pulled over to the side, and waited for him for about ten minutes.  then, when i didnt see him, i kept going.  the rest of the directions were fine.  i found the place.  the guy had a house and lots of land.  (not something you get often, where i come from.)  about ten minutes after i arrived, dh arrived.  then we called the guy (who had not come out of his home when i knocked on the door.)

and out he came.  and he inspected the car.  and then he tells us, he only buys cars in excellent shape.  oh, boy was i angry.  he had never told dh that.  as a matter of fact, dh had emailed him about the problems there were with the car.  so i told the guy i felt that there had been a miscommunication. (that was putting it nicely, wasnt it.)  i was furious.  remember, i dont like driving.  so we left. 

and we're driving home.  and it was going smoothly, since we worked out all the kinks on the way down.  then we went to get gas and something to eat.  and guess what.  the car didnt start.  i keep thinking that it was getting back at me for calling it a stupid car. (it has cost us plenty of extra money, since we bought it.)  what do you think.  we're sitting in the lot in a food and rest area.  we filled gas in the car i was driving, then we went in to get something to eat. neither of us liked what was being offered. (not that im that picky, but my abscess pain was severe.)  then we were going to fill the old car with gas.  and the darn, stupid thing didnt start.  damn, it.  ok, so we expected it to start soon.  we just put in a new battery the week earlier.  so we waited. and waited.  and it didnt start. so we had to call and have it towed.  $80.  today dh found out that the work itself is apparently not that costly. 

so mother is not too displeased.  TODAY, THAT IS.

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