Saturday, November 5, 2011


and so, i will continue my story.  I'm feeling just a little bit different.  I cant help but wonder if my daughter's friend's mother really doesnt have much money.  but, if that were the case, then i think she shouldnt have agreed to come.  i do not believe for a second that she was not aware that she was to reimburse me.  so, to continue the story, when i was in the diner, and she and the girls were out and about, when the diner was about to close, i called her to tell her that, saying that if the girls needed to use a restroom, they should do so now.  neither of them did.  (nor did she, apparently.)  then i said (what was really hard for me to say-im really a very unassertive person):  i think there was a misunderstanding.  she took it quite well. at least, she appeared to.  she said: i dont know why my daughter didnt tell me.  (bullshit.)  (i subsequently learned that my dd confirmed from her dd that i would be paid back.)  then she asked, werent the tickets discounted.  me thinking: yeah, so?  im still not an ATM.  me to her:  yes, they cost a bit under $20.  (and then she feigned how embarrassed she was.  that had she known she would have given the money back immediately.  and then i feigned how she  neednt be embarrassed. and she thanked me and said her dd would give my dd the money next week.  ok fine. (rest assured ive doubted that since she said it.)

but theres more to the story. dh did not turn up.  i had spoken to him more than an hour earlier and he said he would soon be on his way.  when i called the mother about ten minutes later to tell her the diner was closing now and i had to leave, she inquired to confirm that dh was taking them home. yes, yes of course.  i should have mentioned it earlier to her.  i didnt purposely not do it.  i just didnt think of it.  when i say dh isnt there yet, she goes on to say, we've been out here in the cold for an hour, waiting for him. (oh, is that so?).  i reminded her that she could have stayed in the restaurant with me.  and she reminded herself that it was she who wanted to go walk around the neighborhood. 

but she was right about one thing. dh wasnt there yet.  dh is a wonderful, generous man. but he gets tired a lot and has no conception about the passage of time.  so frankly, although i didnt share it with her, i thought he was home sleeping.  i figured, when i had spoken with him, and he told me he would be leaving shortly, that he perhaps went to lay down on the bed, thinking, just for a little while. and boom, bam, goodnight charlie.  (and no, thats not his real name.)  hes done that often.  and before you say, well couldnt you call him, i did.  except theres several problems along those lines.  although we have two cell phones, and are paying for the usage of those two cell phones,  we cant find the attachment to charge one of them.  and guess which teenager uses (constantly uses-i dont know how she, or any other teenager, would survive without it) the other one.  of course, theres the land line.  but we only have one. and we have a big apt.  so, although, i did call the number over and over, if dh were sleeping in the br, he might now hear it ringing in the living room.

so i left the diner.  (the owner came over to me and told me i had to leave-how embarrassing.)  and i brought all the stuff with me, including takeout of the stuff i had ordered because i was in too much pain from the abscess to eat.  about five minutes later they showed up.  and it was dark and cold, and frankly, just a little bit scary. oh, no. nothing happened to us. and nobody voiced that feeling. not even the mother.  but she was constantly on her cell phone texting.  and butchering about this and that.  i guess she did have good reason to be angry.  i had offered that we could all go to my neighborhood and we would go home and dh would take them home.  (they dont live far from us, but their neigborhood isnt as a public transportation friendly area as mine is.)  at first she agreed, but then she said they couldnt do that cause, what is my dh wasnt home and then how wd they then get home.  its difficult without a car. (and frankly, i was relieved.) for a  number of reasons.  i did believe dh was home sleeping, so he would be there. but my place is a mess.  and that is no exaggeration. honestly.  i would have to ask her and her dd to stay in the lobby while i went up to the apt.  and secondly, i was angry about not being reimbursed.

so they went home. and we went home. and lo and behold, she was right. dh was not there. till about five minutes after we arrived. now once we were walking home, dd saw that dh had left several messages. he was out and about looking for us where we supposed to meet.  i assumed he had woken up and ran out to get us. the truth of the matter was he had left just as soon as we got off of the phone, saw a map of the way to get to the diner. but it was a poor map.  and he got lost.

so there you have it. that was yesterday.

Mother is not pleased.

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