Friday, November 4, 2011


and i dont feel like posting. i did have ideas for a post earlier today, but it would be a long post, and i would have to think too much. and, like i said, im really tired. i will elaborate a bit. my daughter went to a haunted house today. i realize halloween is over, but it goes one week past halloween. i did not join her. i have too many medical problems (which i will elaborate on in another post) to go walking around with ghouls and ghosts and whatnot, scaring me, and putting my back further out than it is, or making my knee's tibia plateau tear more. oh, no, not i.

so my daughter went with a friend. actually that was the original plan. she was going with friend. the plans were made initially several weeks ago. and i checked the web for discounted tickets. i did find half price tickets, but that was for the more costly tickets which expedited the line you stood on. however, i was gonna buy them, but for some reason, that i cant recall right now, the plans fell through. then, earlier this week, my daughter and her friend decided they wanted to go again. and, again i perused the web for discount tickets. and i found even more discounted tickets, this time half the regular price, but with a service fee.

reasonable, i thought. and i only had to pay for one ticket anyway, my daughter's. i told her that unless an adult went, she could not go. as a last resort, dh was gonna go. but daughter's friends mother wanted to go. now i never met this mother and daughter. and i dont believe daughter ever got together with her before today. ordinarily, i can be quite generous. but not if i dont know people. i mean, come on. and dd said that the girl said that her mother understood that she was going to reimburse me. it came to almost 20 dollars.

well, i guess you probably know where im going. when i first met her she seemed like a lovely woman. but one thing irked me. she said she was very excited about going her first time to a haunted house, and she thanked me. huh. i was stunned. what am i, an ATM. really. i didnt say anything. perhaps she was just thanking me for picking up the tickets. i figured she would pay me back later, when dh was driving her home. ooooh, you figured it out again. After the haunted house, we met up in a diner i had been waiting at. and they were telling me about their experience. and guess what, the mom thanked me again.

so we're in the restaurant and the cheap bitch wouldnt even sit down at the table. i think she was afraid to order anything cause she might have to pay for it. i dont think she expected me to pay cause she already finagled the ticket money out of me. she wanted to go walking around (its 8:30 pm, dark and cold.) but fine. and the girls went with her. frankly, i thought it was quite rude, that she elected to leave me. (and i was a little offended that my daughter went with her. but then again, my daughter was there to spend time with her friend.) so they spent the next hour walkng around. these were the womans old haunts, she said, and she wanted to check them out.

i am falling asleep as i write this, so i will conclude it manana.

Mother is not pleased.

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