Sunday, November 6, 2011


DD has taken dance for many years of her young life. she loves it.  mostly, because it's the most important dance, she's taken ballet. she has also taken tap, modern, and jazz.  well, the time has come.  she wanted pointe shoes.  oy.  my first thought was the cost.  my second thought was..... the cost. because, like most children she sometimes develops an interest and, after an expensive investment, she's no longer interested.  so, i think you can understand my reluctance, when she asked for pointe shoes. 

but the twerp begged and cajoled and begged and wore me down.  so last week we bought the shoes.  and boy, are they costly.  not only do they make you buy the ribbon (surprisingly the elastic is included) you've got to sew the ribbon and the elastic on.  i think for the $75 it cost, these features should have been included.  and guess who had to sew them.  I'll give you one guess. I'm sure you don't need more than that.  that's right, yours truly. 

So first I consulted YouTube (that site is great)  for directions.  I watched four, and that left me with four different approaches to sewing the ribbons.  For goodness sake!!!  I'm a perfectionist, and I wanted the shoes to fit well.  I was a nervous wreck.  and then i had to decide which way to sew the ribbons!! what kind of needle to use and what kind of thread.  One video actually recommended sewing with floss. Quite annoying!!

I did think the floss would be better because it's thicker, therefore hold better.  I found myself a large needle, with a hole big enough for the floss.  But boy was it difficult to put that needle through the slipper material.  Well i did it manage to get through most of the first slipper, (although my fingers got numb) and then....i lost the needle.  you heard me.   you got that right.  i lost the damn needle.  its on the couch somewhere.  thank goodness its a thick needle, so hopefully when someone steps on it, and someone will eventually, hopefully they wont badly hurt themselves.  so once the thick needle was gone, i needed to use a thin one.  that was a good thing because it was much easier to get through the slipper. 

of course, there were other problems.  after sewing the ribbon on the first half of the first slipper, i realized i sewed the ribbon the incorrect way, with the shiny part on the inside.  this is not only significant because the shiny part looks nicer, when its on the outside.  when inside, it can be slippery.  oy again.  i bet you think the perfectionist in me made me pull out the ribbon and resew it.  what, are you crazy!?!  firstly, the ribbon couldnt take another stint of being jabbed.  it already looks like its tearing.  and i aint paying for any other ribbon.  and secondly, aint going through this business any more than i have to.  besides, dd, my boss, was ok with it.  then i had to put the elastic on.  the sewing on that was relatively easy, except, several times i found  had wound the thread around the elastic.  the first time i corrected it.  the second time i didnt.  (enough is enough.)

i finally finished, dd is happy, capezio (them goniffs) is happy.  me, well, you know. 
I am displeased. 

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