Friday, November 18, 2011


when i first heard that natalie wood died with her husband robert wagner on that yacht, i just knew that he had something to do with it.  now its almost 30 years. 30 years!!!  30 years of undeserved freedom for robert wagner while natalie lost these thirty years.  had she lived, she would be 73 years old today. 

i never liked robert wagner.  hes one of those men with a perpetual smirk on his face.  like elvis presley and charlie sheen.  elvis presley is the only smirk faced man i have always liked.  sheen, i only started liking him on two and a half man.  but back to wagner, the sleaze.  why do you think he's gotten away with it all these years.  i think because hes wealthy and good looking and a celebrity.  celebrities often seem to get away with murder.  eg oj simpson and robert blake.  did they do it. oh yeah.  and robert blakes situation is so obviously a guilty one,  it's unbelievably laughable.  he might have well have written across the sky, "I KILLED MY WIFE," and i bet he still would have gotten off.

now christipher walken was with wagner on that yacht when wood died.  thirty years ago, i was not a fan of walkens.  frankly, i thought he was kinda sleazy, too. but after having seen him in catch me if you can and hairspray and a music video, I've become a fan.  so i hope he's not implicated in this.  but if he helped cover it up, or worse assisted with the death, then, as unhappy as ill be about it,  he certainly should be. 

i really like natalie wood.  she was pretty and seemed sweet.  she was one of the very few child stars whose success continued into adulthood.  hey, the ultimate child star, shirley temple didnt even have that.  elizabeth taylor had the opposite experience of temple.  her child acting career left much to be desired, but then she killed as an adult actress.

what i dont understand, and guess i will have to read further to learn more, is where was the yacht's captain thirty years ago.  well, gonna sign off now.


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