Thursday, November 17, 2011


now im down one assistant.  and another one is on vacation. so four of my staff have to do the work of these two.  two of the four do ok jobs.  two of the four dont.  the two who dont complain the most. its amazing how its almost always like that.  the two who do a nice job, i rarely receive receive complaint calls about them.  i contantly receive complaint calls on the others.

but this takes the case.  one of the poor workers, she has the most experience.  she had the audacity to say to me today, why should she have more cases, be penalized just because she's more experienced.  however, along with this experience comes more money.  so her comment was extremely illogical.  i did challenge her comment, but she continued her line of reasoning.

i know this woman a long time, although our paths have only passed again recently because for many years i worked in another area of our company.  i dont think she was ever a great employee.


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