Saturday, November 19, 2011


ive linked above to a very (unusually) civil debate.  most debates i see get heated.  then theres , and sarcasm and condescension and yelling.  so this was impressive. this is cong ron paul and stephen baldwin.

(i know i mentioned men-never seem to notice women-with perpetual smiles-smirks?- on their faces. well, stephen baldwin, and maybe all his brothers, is one.) 

i myself do support legalization of drugs.  all of them?  maybe.  but definitely a lot of them. heroin?  im not sure. i think, certainly not to anyone under 21.   but i dont think its anyone's business if i want to use drugs, even if it kills me.  and i do realize the possible ramifications of using drugs.  but its my body, and my business.  on the other hand, im kinda unsure about assisted suicide.  because what you think and feel today, you may not feel tomorrow.  you may feel better.  i know because ive been there, and subsequently have felt better. 

and i feel uncomfortable with medical professionals being involved in encouraging death.  frankly, i believe the current medical mentality about it is that if youre terminal or very sick or old, right away they encourage you to pull the plug.  when my mom was hospitalized for cancer a number of  years ago,  and her heart beat was going faster and faster, the nurse was surprised when i said i wanted her to intervene and help her.   i couldnt believe it the nurses reaction.  and my mom wasnt even 70 at the time.  i think its outrageous.  theres no happy medium.  i think years ago we saved patients under every circumstance.  now we cant wait to let them go.  its as if no one has a mind of their own. which ever way the wind is blowing, thats the way people think.

i know a little about drugs. not because i took them, but because my biological dad did.  he was a heavy drug abuser back when that wasnt the popular thing to do.  he was a heroin addict and did time in prison.  he lost his wife and child because of drugs. ive been told he used to hit my mom, and i would venture to say drugs was a part of that.  and during the four years i lived with him, he took lots of (legal) drugs, which put him in altered states.  so its not like i havent had any negative experiences with drugs.  its not like im unaware of the possible consequences.

i myself have had very little personal experience with drugs.  ive smoked pot perhaps ten times. it rarely made me high and it wasnt worth the effort to do so.  once, someone once rubbed a bit of cocaine on my nose.  didnt get anything out of that. nor did my nose get numb.  i had a qualude several times. (and when i say several, i mean several. not more than three.)  that, i have to admit, felt good. 
anyway, you now know my stance on drugs.


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