Sunday, November 20, 2011


and i'm hoping you'll help me clean up.
i cleaned half of the kitchen counter just now.  the counter has two parts.  and its not large.  but it was dirty, and took some elbow grease to clean.  my place is a mess, and thats no exaggeration.  but im gonna try. 

next is the living room table.
i'll let you know when i'm done.

ok, i think you'll be proud of me.
i actually did a 34 pu.  thats because there were mostly small items near me so it didnt even look like i made a dent.  however, this has resulted in a problem.  the items i wanted to keep i put on the living room table i wanted to clean. but in order to clean it, i have to put more stuff away..
this isnt easy.  im not making any promises.

and then a flylady 25 pickup.  well, i think she does a 27 pickup.  but i like 25 better.

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