Friday, October 7, 2011


this makes me happy. when i get into a book, that is.  and it usually takes me so long to find a book that i cant put down.  this is the book i am reading: everything she ever wanted, by ann rule.  here is a link on amazon:  ann rule isnt the greatest writer, in my opinion, and this book could use some improvement, but its better than her other books.  anyway, i just love being into a book. i find reading relaxing.  i prefer fiction, for the most part.  i guess my second preference is true crime, which is this books genre.  while reading, i can forget everything thats on my mind (at least for a short time) and simultaneously reduce any anxiety i may be feeling at the time. and, for the duration of the read, the book becomes my friend.  i affectionately refer to the book as "my bookie."  although looking at that now, it looks like im a gambler (LOL), which i am not.

this book is about a beautiful southern woman who is convicted of attempting murder to get what she wants (hense the title.)  she manipulates all those around her to as a means to fulfill her desires.  and she wants all the good things in life.  wealth, a man, a plantation (yeah, you heard that right.  she wanted a plantation, and she got one, too, for a short while, which she called tara. she was (actually is, i believe shes still alive) a real piece of work.  there was nothing she wouldnt do to get what she wanted, what she thought she deserved; she was an extremely selfish person.
i have more to add about this, but, since its 4am, and i have work today, i will continue this in my next post.

im continuing to read this book. still cant put it down, although the book can sometimes be kinda choppy.  this book is over 550 pages, yet ms rule found it necessary to put in extraneous pieces of information, that have very little relevance to the story.  she sometimes puts in information and then chapters later acts as if that information wasnt already given.  ive read other of her books:  the stranger beside me; and never let her go; small sacrifices; a woman scorned. i think there may be more and i theres more than i realized. alright, ive kinda gone off topic.


i finished this wonderful book.  yes, its not that well written. and yes, the author bounces around. nonetheless, i just couldnt put it down.  it was a great read.  pat taylor went on to attempt to kill her husbands grandparents (with arsenic) and drug a couple she was caring for.  this was to get money and items she wanted from the homes.  she did a total of 15 years in prison.  she actually had qualities which could have served her in a different fashion. she was smart, perceptive and very artistic.  i think she could have done quite well using these qualities. unfortunately, she went another direction.

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