Sunday, October 9, 2011


so demi has filed for divorce.  cant blame her.  i believe there were rumors of his cheating last year too.

i guess enough is enough.  too bad.  i was so glad to see a Hollywood couple, hey any couple, stay together for as long as they have. and ya know, she looks damn good. (ok, i guess he does also, but he's in his thirties, and hes not my type.)  she, on the other hand. well, uh, shes also not my type.  well, if i were gay, perhaps....) when she was younger, i didn't think she was pretty. but once she got into her forties, i thought (and continue to think) she was. i never liked her as a person, though.  too pushy,  too domineering, in my opinion.  i did think she and bruce willis made a great couple.  i do like him.  they are strong personalities and i thought they were really good together. i was very disappointed when they broke up as well.  but i did admire the amicable divorce they had

were they ever really even married. i mean Moore and kutcher. i don't believe they had a legal marriage. i recall they had some kind of ceremony. but was it legal. well, either way, they've been together a long time, and its sad. 

kutchers now on one of my very favorite shows: two and a half men.  i was very disappointed when sheen left the show.  i liked every actor and  character on that show, which is unusual for me.  and such a pleasure.  now theres kutcher.  I'm wanting to like his character, even though I'm not a big fan of his.  this was one of the few adult shows on prime time TV.  i loved it.  and sheen's character, although sleazy in many ways, was very good natured with his brother.  let him live there without paying rent for years. would pay when they went out to eat.  sheen softened the character and made you like him, despite the fact that he was an alcoholic, and went through women like i go through, well you know.

i cant help but wonder if the age difference is coming in to play now.  shes gotten older.  i recall within the past year, seeing pics of her before and after surgery knees. lets face it, as well as she looks, she needs a little help to do so. hes much younger. and the woman he apparently fooled around with is even younger.  katherine helmond is 16 years older than the husband she married in 1962.  but I'm not so sure older woman younger man marriages often last that long.

well demi and ashton did have a good run. although, i had heard how thin she had gotten and confirmed that myself when i saw her on the view earlier this week.  she looked anorexic.  I'm sure she's suffering plenty.

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