Sunday, October 2, 2011


and i know youve all been waiting with baited breath.  frankly, i couldnt remember my password. i kept coming back on occasion to try, and kept failing. today, i got it right.  and who benefits from this. you. (LOL) oh, i knock myself out.
i really am glad to have access to this blog again. i need to have a place to express my thoughts.  god knows i dont do it at work. no friends there.  well, ok.  till recently i had three. unfortunately, one just retired.  one of the others isnt speaking to me. well, thats not correct. she gave me this cock and bull story about having too much work. that would work for a day or two, but a week.....? no way. besides, i saw her shooting the breeze with another coworker. so she's full of shit.  what did i do. i dont know. i did ask her if i had done or said something, and thats when she gave me the too much work BS.

and then there's one other person i consider a friend.  but he's a little off (ok, so am i in some ways, but not the ways he is.)  hes slow.  hes nervous (well, so am i, but not the way he is.)  hes 59 yo, never been married, still looking for a "girlfriend."  i dont think its gonna happen.  we've gone out with a group of people (his friends, whom he invited) a number of times, although not recently.  he can be very generous in ways and he can be kinda selfish in ways.

here's how hes nervous (i knew you were wondering):  he and i and my family are planning to go to meet at a getogether in several weeks. he's going with his sister. its my dh's bday that weekend.  we've both agreed that its temporary and if the other doesnt show up, its ok. yet once, or twice a week he calls and asks if im coming.  and we have to go through the whole discussion again about our agreement.  hes  nervous in other ways, and as i recall them i will share them with you. and everything else about this post that i cant recall right now. 

oh, im so glad to be back. im writing on a laptop that we bought for my daughter. (the one i usually use is an old decrepit one, of course.)  she just entered HS and needed one for herself, so i had to indulge her (which frankly, i do quite often.)  but admittedly, this was warranted. although, i do resent the fact that she uses the new one and im stuck with the old one.  and when i want to use the new one (when she's not) i get:  no, you cant use MY computer.  did you ever?!!.  she forgets who paid for it. she can act quite selfishly sometimes, although she is a good kid.  does very well in school.  doesnt have to be pushed to do her homework or any school projects, although she is a procrastinator like both her parents.  and, although she constantly challenges what i might say (about anything on earth-really, if i said the sky looks blue, she would say it looks another color.  you notice i didnt say is blue, cause i know it isnt really.)  and keeps trying to push the envelope, when push comes to shove, she does what i request. although admittedly, she does often wear me down.

ok, i guess thats enough for today. im actually having trouble with this laptop. this is the first time ive typed extensively on it, and im finding it uncomfortable.  so, until the next time, i bid you adieu.
(and i would correct any spelling and grammar errors, but i cant figure out how to do that.  for the record, i know about apostrophes with contractions, i just prefer to let grammar check correct that. saves time.)

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