Wednesday, January 19, 2011


im not very good at this.  here is a link to an article about the alabama governor and his comments about jesus christ and not accepting anyone who didnt believe in jesus christ as the savior.  WHAT A MORON.

im speechless.  im flabbergasted.  i absolutely dont know what to say.

where to begin. 

1. he represents everyone in his state.  even those who didnt vote for him.  and, dollars to doughnuts, there were non christian people who voted for him.

2. people conveniently keep forgetting. jesus christ was jewish.  JEWISH.  my god, is this governor out of his mind.  how can he say anyone who isnt christian isnt his brother, when jesus christ was jewish.  is this not illogical? 

3. we all think our religion is the best.  here's news:  no religion is any better than any other.  so get over yourself.  for goodness sake. each religion has its problems, sadly. and one of the worst, is its superiority complex.

ok, this rant is over.  MORON.

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