Sunday, November 3, 2013


i don't cook.  i don't do most of the stereotypical woman's things.
i don't cook, i don't clean, i don't sew.
i don't like reading about cooking and cleaning and sewing.
i guess the only "female" thing i like to do is shop.
and even that i prefer doing on line.

however, about eight years ago, when we first moved into our current apt, we had company.

friends. as a matter of fact, the friend who matched my husband and me up.
and his wife.
and i made salmon. i obtained the recipe from the web.  i cooked it with ketchup an water and two other ingredients, that i don't recall. and i don't recall what the side dish was. but it came out GREAT!!!!!
this friend, he still talks about that meal to this day.

oh, and i do turkey well. unlike others, i think making a turkey is pretty easy.
ya don't even need to baste it before you cook it. you can baste it while you're cooking it.
about every twenty minutes, i pour the juices around it onto the turkey, after making cuts in the turkey so that the liquid goes into.  i cook it with any liquid i have in the fridge, usually some juice, or i might put olive oil on it. and i cook carrots and sweet potatoes around the turkey.

and the last food i do well. salad. i love to make a salad. i put the regulars: lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber.  but then there's pasta and artichokes and gee i cant recall what else right now.


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