Sunday, November 4, 2012


i've mentioned it before. i hate to clean.  unfortunately, someone has got to. so i am going to ask your help for me as i hopefully do some cleaning in my apt.  right now i am doing a wash. i am not always on top of the wash, but i am more on top of this (and the dishes) than anything else, i think bc the machines do most of the work.
while i make the wash i should do something else. there are items on the floor. i should pu them. sigh. i dont know if i am lazy or the depression (that i still feel i suffer from, although, the doctor says its something else.)
ok, so i just made two washes. thats good. but i need to do more, but i dont feel like it. sigh, again.
ok so i have accomplished a lot more. one more wash. and i pu some things. i sometimes try what flylady suggests: a 27 pickup.  you go to a room and address 27 things in that room: either throw them out or put them away. for me, its a 25 pu, except that once you get going you sometimes go further. which is what i did today. i went much further. i had boxes from items that were delivered, and i emptied them from the papers that were inside. there were five of them. i know it sounds ridiculous to some of you, but i do so little that any bit i do is an accomplishment.

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