Monday, November 5, 2012


another day off due to sandy.  i know i've been lucky. no loss of power, no loss of water. no damage.
i posted the above earlier today. then i went on to do some cleaning. which is most unusual for me.  i did sleep for two hours. but, once again, for me i accomplished a lot. i made three or four washes (i lost count.) i have four bags of garbage from papers i pu in my daughter's room and in the living room.  i did sleep for two hours.  nonetheless, i did quite well, for me.

i have been home due to sandy for six work days. thats a lot. this storm was a lollapalooza. as i said above, i am very lucky in that i suffered no damage.  there were lives lost, homes lost. people were without power for days, without water. and, now sadly, many still are.

my office is opening tomorrow. i have mixed feelings. i have gained some weight in the time i have been home from work, so being home makes food available to me too often.  on the other hand, being home is nice. and i am accomplishing a lot. 
=====================================================================What what are your thoughts about tomorrow's election in the United States?
i don't like either candidate. i am an independent, something i wish more people were. if feel too many of us follow the republican or democratic line strictly bec they're afraid to sway from it. i wish i could find a candidate who believes everything that i believe: i don't believe in abortion, i don't believe in the death penalty. i support gay rights. neither candidate believes all that i do. i am leaning toward voting for romney, but part of me says, dont vote at all.  a coworker had the audacity to say to me, after i said that i was considering not voting, he said he would not speak with me again. can you imagine that. who does he think he is. so, whether i vote or not, i will tell him i have not voted.  i can live without his company.

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