Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I first came across Zooey Deschanel when i saw the movie, elf.  i wasnt a big fan of will ferrell's at the time. (not a huge fan of his now, but i like him much more than then.)  i wasnt that impressed with Zooey at the time either. (i have to say the movie started turning me around about ferrell.  i am really attracted to vulnerable men, and elf, well, he certainly was.)  i thought she sang ok (and just learned she tours.)  but wasnt other wise impressed.  (ah, just another blond actress.)  then i saw failure to launch. oh, in this movie she had dark hair.  frankly, i dont think that was her natural color either.  it was too dark.  (tell me, does anyone on earth know the real color of her hair?)---sorry, ill try to limit the parentheses.

i believe i saw her in other vehicles, but i dont recall what. and now shes the new girl.  well, she does have a very distinct comic delivery.  and she's cute.  and now shes the new it girl, cause she's all over the place.  and thats why i now know shes getting a divorce, and i didnt even know she was married.  now this isnt a disappointment like demi and ashton. those two were together a lot longer.  and im only aware of her relatively recently.  but, come on, theyve only been married two-count em- two years. for goodness sakes, theyre barely out of the honeymoon stage-isnt that the first year. 

ok, i realize i dont know how long they were together prior to the marriage and i do think that makes a difference. and i know nothing about him.  but my guess is her success has contributed to the breakup.  im not saying she shouldnt be successful. no, not at all. and im not saying she shouldnt earn more than her husband-no siree-fact is i earn more than my husband.  im just making what i think is an educated observation. 

and thats all i have to say today.

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