Monday, December 27, 2010


just saw the movie.  actually first saw the movie yesterday (rented it.)  dd and i are into movies, although since shes become a teenager shes less interested.  we used to go to the movie theatre constantly, and see several at a time.  (yes, we snuck in, just like everyone else.)  now, when we go to the movies (as, we did last week and saw little fockers-no great film, im afraid.) she wants to only see one movie.  (after the fockers, i wanted to see the tourist, but dd didnt.  guess who won.)

back to knight and day. when dd and i decide on a movie to rent, we usually disagree.  thank goodness shes someone less inclined to request animated films than when she was younger.  however, we still disagree.  she usually wants to see something we've already seen. (i say, whats the point-its like paying to see the film twice.)  dd wanted to see easy A.  now this one she saw twice in the theatre-and i paid twice.  the first time i couldnt go.  my daughter raved about it.   so together we went to see it, for a second time.  i was pleasantly surprised. i didnt expect to enjoy the film because its aimed at tweens, and im a bit beyond that.  but, i did like it. however, i held my guns (most unusual for me) and we agreed to see knight and day.

now, before i go on i would like to comment on the actors.  i dont really like tom cruise.  i do think hes cute (especially since he had his nose job, way back when.)  but he always looks like hes smirking, and i dislike that look on a man. (elvis presleys smirk is an exception for me.)  cruise seems like he thinks hes better than everybody else.  at least thats the impression i get.  hes a scientologist.  i dont like to stand in judgment of other religions, and im not sure scientologists consider it a religion.  anyway, i think cruise feels scientology (religion, or not) is superior to all others.  actually, i find that fine.  i think most of us feel our religions are superior.  however, i think we need to keep it to ourselves.  i think when we express ourselves to others, we should keep this feeling hidden, out of respect for others' feelings.  i also didnt like that he seemed to strongly encourage his wives (both kidman and holmes.  i believe his first wife, and im afraid i cant recall her name right now, was the one who introduced him to scientology.)

cameron diaz.  i very much respect this woman.  started as a model, and look at her now. and i dont think shes a a bad actress.  and smart.  wisely still not married (shes over 30, you know.)  good for her.  it seems like most young women have dreams of marrying and having children-both at a young age.  whether diaz did or not, she avoided doing both when she was very young, and i admire her for that. 

back to the movie.  right away lots of action.  and thats when i remembered a review i had recently read that mentioned this about the movie, and had i thought to myself, this is a movie i should avoid, because i dislike action movies.  however, i hadnt recalled this till it was too late.  and boy oh boy does this movie have action.  constant action.  the first time i saw the movie, i had a hard time keeping up with all the action.  i enjoyed, prob the last quarter of the movie, when there was much less action.  and it ended well.  thats always a plus for me.  and when i saw it the second time, i actually did enjoy the entire movie-perhaps because, having seen it before, i was better able to follow it.

however, there are problems with this movie, if you pay too much attention.  ill not elaborate on that, since i dont want to ruin the experience for anyone else.  all in all, an ok movie.  if i were to rate it, out of four stars, i think 2 1/2.

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