Thursday, November 1, 2012

well, well, well

almost a year already. i cant believe it. why does time go so fast?  turn around, and its twenty years later. too fast. the only good thing about that is that the bad times go quickly also, although we may not notice it.

my home state is just recovering from storm sandy.  and what a storm she was. i am very lucky in that sandy didn't do much damage where i live.  there were twigs on the ground and one huge tree had fallen and we couldn't go down the block because of that, but, as far as i know, that was the extent of it.  i do have some distant friends and relatives who have really suffered. they have lost electricity, water and heat. one lost a car, although frankly i thought it was quite stupid of her husband to go to work the evening of the storm, but then again, i probably shouldn't judge. anyway, he had to be taken home by the NYPD, with a raft, when they could have been attending to other things.

in other areas of my state, i saw power lines hanging from the trees, as low as the vehicle i was in.  and trees and other items all over the place. quite scary. mother nature is something we cant control. however, we can be prepared. perhaps my state should have been more prepared. so that all the damage done could have been more limited.  perhaps more or deeper sewers. and I'm sure there are things that can be done that i don't know about. we shall see.

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